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    Post by ARIFFX on Sat 18 Apr 2009, 7:45 pm

    What is Naruto?
    is a Shonen (teen male oriented) animated series and manga (Japanese
    comic) created by Masashi Kishimoto. Both the anime and the manga are
    ongoing in Japan at the moment. The series has been licensed abroad in
    various countries. You can find Naruto manga on American shelves and
    the animated series airing in the Philippines.

    The show takes place in a world populated by ninja villages. The ninja
    in the series serve as the armies for the countries that inhabit the
    world. Most of the countries have their own Hidden Village, which
    serves to train and manage the ninja of the country. Also the ninja in
    the series are able to utilize jutsu techniques, which are the secrecy,
    body and illusion arts of the ninja. These allow the ninja to perform
    many amazing skills such as the manipulation of the surrounding

    The main character of the series is Uzumaki Naruto, a young boy who
    dreams of becoming the leader of his Hidden Village. It will be
    difficult though for Naruto, because when he was a baby an evil demon
    was placed inside him to stop its rampage. As Naruto grew the
    townspeople saw Naruto himself as the demon, even though he was merely
    its container. When the series begins the reader and viewer will begin
    their journey with Naruto on his path to become respected by the

    Who creates Naruto?
    Naruto manga is drawn by Masashi Kishimoto. Kishimoto was born in the
    Okayama Prefecture, Japan in 1974. He gained early acclaim with his
    work Karakuri. Later in 1997 he would develop an early incarnation of Naruto for Akamaru Jump.
    The manga would formally begin in 1999 in Weekly Shonen Jump, gaining a
    large fan following. Kishimoto is not alone in drawing the series, he
    has assistants who share various drawing duties. These individuals are:

    Kazuhiro Takuhashi - Focuses on solid blacks in hair and clothing, fills in the half-tone areas and completes the background art.

    Osamu Kazisa - Works similar to Takuhashi, also good at creating speedlines, special effects and plant-life.

    Mikio Ikemoto - Works on crowds and background figures, also
    adds white to speed lines, characters eyes and highlights. Also cleans
    up the page by whiting out any art which goes out of the panel. Also
    adds in half-tones.

    Takemi Kawahara - Has a hand in most everything in the drawing process.


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    Uzumaki Naruto was born twelve years
    before the series start to Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato, the
    Fourth Hokage. Naruto was named after the lead character in one of
    Jiraiya's lesser known semi-biographical works, while Jiraiya himself
    got the name while eating ramen. Minato felt the main character's drive
    and determination made excellent qualities and he hoped to raise his
    son to be a shinobi like the "Naruto" character. Kushina agreed that
    the name would fit their son nicely. They then agreed that Jiraiya
    should be Naruto's godfather, as he was the finest shinobi they knew.
    Jiraiya was embarassed but accepted the honor, a role he would
    finally fullfil later in life. A short time later within moments of
    having his umbilical cord cut, Naruto was made the vessel for the
    Kyuubi fox demon attacking Konoha. The Fourth Hokage was able to
    finally end its destruction when he used the Shiki Fuujin technique to
    seal the demon's yin chakra away and leave the yang within the body of
    his newborn son Naruto. Minato lost his life, but he made sure that the
    Kyuubi would help Naruto while sealed away. Jiraiya would later surmise
    Minato knew precisely what he was doing, putting such a burden on his
    new son. Minato would leave a "key" to Naruto's seal with Jiraiya and
    the toads, to allow Naruto to manipulate the seal holding the Kyuubi,
    potentially to utilize an unknown incomplete and powerful jutsu. Naruto
    would know neither of his parents, as Kushina was unable to raise her
    son for some unknown reason.

    The imbuing of the Kyuubi made Naruto a "Jinchuuriki," a person
    with a tailed demon sealed within his body. As a side effect, Naruto
    would gain "whisker" marks on his cheeks. The hope of Jinchuuriki
    creation is for the human and the tailed beast to resonate together,
    thereby granting the human some measure of the demon's immense power.
    There were nine demons in total, known by their number of tails. Naruto
    got the nine-tailed and most powerful of the demons. The seals the
    Fourth used would ensure the Kyuubi would lend some of its power to
    Naruto. The seals would allow the Kyuubi chakra to leak back into
    Naruto's own chakra. This allows Naruto to draw on the chakra of the
    Kyuubi and still keep the Kyuubi itself imprisoned. The biggest
    benefits are the way it grants Naruto some measure of the Kyuubi's
    immense chakra and heals most any wounds he receives. Please see
    Naruto's entry in the Jinchuuriki Guide for further information.

    Naruto's father hoped the village would look on Naruto as a hero
    for containing the Kyuubi demon. Unfortunately quite the opposite
    happened; as Naruto grew the village began to see Naruto as the demon
    itself. The adults who knew the real story of the Kyuubi looked down on
    Naruto, and their feelings were passed down to their children who
    didn't even know he was the Kyuubi vessel. This resulted in Naruto
    living a lonely life as he was often shunned when seen in public.
    Because his parents were no longer present, he was an orphan who was
    raised by the village itself, under the direction of the Third Hokage
    who resumed his position after the Fourth died in battle. When Naruto
    was old enough he was given money for living and an apartment to live
    in. He was also enrolled in the Konoha Ninja Academy. It is unknown at
    what age he entered the Academy, but he attempted the graduation exam
    several times before those of his same age group.

    Naruto grew to resent his outcast status in the village, turning
    to pranks to gain the attention of the other villagers. He would slack
    off in school, much to the dismay of his teacher Umino Iruka. Naruto
    would sometimes play hooky with other slackers in his class like Nara
    Shikamaru, Inuzuka Kiba and Akimichi Chouji. For the most part though,
    Naruto had no real friends. He would also feel annoyed by his fellow
    classmate Uchiha Sasuke, who was loved by all and always got the best
    grades. When Sasuke's clan was wiped out the two young boys shared a
    moment in their loneliness when Naruto saw Sasuke sitting by the river.
    As Naruto grew he saw Sasuke as a rival, especially for the affection
    of Haruno Sakura. Sakura was a fellow classmate of Naruto's who he had
    a crush on. Unfortunately Sakura found Naruto annoying and instead had
    eyes like most girls her age on Sasuke.


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    Because everyone viewed Naruto negatively, he yearned for respect
    and admiration, the best way to gain that would be to become the
    village Hokage. Unfortunately Naruto had trouble mastering even the
    most basic of Ninjutsu, like the Bunshin technique. When the graduation
    exam arrived once again, Naruto was asked by his teachers Iruka and
    Mizuki to do the Bunshin test, unfortunately he managed to make only
    one pitiful Bunshin. Once again he was held back while those around him
    graduated. Mizuki had his own plans for Naruto though, confiding that
    there was another way to graduate. Unfortunately Mizuki was
    manipulating Naruto for his own ends, to gain access to the scroll of
    sealing, which held the secrets to many forbidden jutsu. Naruto stole
    the seal from the Third Hokage's office and managed to learn one of its
    jutsu, Tajuu Kage Bunshin, a technique which created multiple clones
    with real substance in exchange for an equal part of the ninja's
    chakra. The village ninja were sent to track down Naruto but Iruka
    managed to find him first.

    Iruka couldn't believe Naruto's actions and he was surprised that
    the normally jutsu challenged Naruto could learn a jutsu from the
    scroll. He also soon learned that Mizuki was behind Naruto's actions.
    Mizuki further manipulated Naruto, revealing to him why the village
    shunned him, that he was the vessel for the Kyuubi Demon. Naruto
    reacted in fear and anger and fled, both men gave chase and when Mizuki
    went to kill Naruto with a giant shuriken, Iruka stepped in the way to
    take the blade for him. Iruka told Naruto he led a lonely life too,
    losing his parents to the Kyuubi he acted kurang pandai to get attention.

    Naruto fled and they gave chase. Iruka stated he believed in
    Naruto and Mizuki moved to kill him. Naruto arrived to save him and his
    emotions boiled. Using his new technique, Naruto created numerous Kage
    Bunshin which pummeled Mizuki for hurting Iruka. The Third Hokage
    watched from afar and realized Naruto was developing in interesting
    ways. Iruka was amazed by his growth and gave him a reward, the
    headband from his forehead. He congratulated Naruto on graduating from
    the Academy. Naruto began to cry and hugged Iruka after achieving his
    first step on the path to Hokage.

    Shortly thereafter Naruto and Iruka would go and have a meal at
    Naruto's favorite place to eat, Ichiraku Ramen. He would also be
    introduced to the Third Hokage's rambunctious grandson Konohamaru.
    Naruto would not be impressed by Konohamaru's bad attitude and hit him
    for his actions. Konohamaru was shocked and wanted Naruto to be his
    boss and teach him his secret pervy adult weakening "Sexy Techniques".
    Naruto would teach Konohamaru and the two boys would become fast
    friends. With Naruto now a Genin he was placed in a squad under the
    leadership of a Jounin sensei. Naruto waited with eager anticipation to
    learn who his teammates were. He rejoiced when Sakura was placed on his
    team, and felt miserable when Sasuke was too. The group then waited for
    their sensei, who was late. The sensei eventually arrived, Hatake
    Kakashi, who appeared to have a rather droll personality, being
    unimpressed with his new squad.

    Kakashi revealed he had his own test for the Genin; they would
    have to take two bells from him. If they failed to take them in the
    allotted time, they would be sent back to the Academy. The Genin began
    to go after Kakashi and the bells in their own unique way, and all
    failed, Naruto especially. He was easily caught in Kakashi's traps and
    then tied up when he attempted to cheat. Kakashi chastised them for not
    seeing the truth behind things, and that if they fed the tied up Naruto
    they would fail his test. Knowing that a hungry Naruto did them no
    good, they fed him. An angry Kakashi then appeared and demanded to know
    why they went against his wishes, they stated that it was like he said;
    they were a team and had to act as one, no matter what the
    consequences. His attitude then did a complete 180 and he congratulated
    them on being the first Genin to past his test; telling them that those
    who didn't take care of their comrades were worse than trash. The next
    day they then began their missions as Team 7.

    Unfortunately the missions of a Genin team typically consist of
    menial labor. Naruto began to grow frustrated and begged the Third
    Hokage for a more exciting mission, he then got his wish. Tazuna, a
    drunken bridge builder from the Wave Country asked to be escorted back
    to his home. Team 7 set out and Kakashi quickly realized they were
    being followed. Two missing-nins appeared to kill Kakashi and then
    moved to kill Tazuna. Sasuke and Sakura moved to protect him and Naruto
    could only watch on in fear. Kakashi then jumped in to subdue them. He
    congratulated Sakura and Sasuke and Sasuke asked if the scaredy-cat
    Naruto was okay. Naruto did not take kindly to being called names and
    was angry at himself for freezing up like he did. He then took a kunai
    and stabbed his hand, drawing blood. He made a promise to himself and
    the others that he would never be afraid and make the same mistake

    They continued on their journey and were soon attacked yet again,
    this time by Momochi Zabuza, a missing-nin who wielded a large
    head-cleaving sword. Kakashi began to do battle with Zabuza but was
    soon imprisoned. Zabuza moved to kill Tazuna and Naruto went to flee
    against the deadly foe, feeling pain from his stabbed hand he
    reaffirmed his promise to never run away. He then created a large
    number of clones to subdue Zabuza but they were easily thrown away.
    Naruto then threw a large windmill shuriken to Sasuke. Moving in
    unspoken planning they tricked Zabuza with a real windmill shuriken and
    fake shuriken which was actually Naruto, which forced Zabuza to end his
    imprisonment of Kakashi. Kakashi and he then did battle and when
    Kakashi moved in for the kill, a masked boy took Zabuza out. Naruto was
    angry and confused that a boy his age could be so powerful. The group
    then escorted Tazuna home.


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    Tazuna's grandson Inari had a poor view of heroes. His stepfather
    was killed by Gatou, Zabuza's employer, for trying to stop him from
    taking over their country. Naruto reacted harshly to Inari's hopeless
    outlook. Kakashi explained to Inari that Naruto once felt useless too,
    but he never gave up and cried about it. With their mission now more
    dangerous, Kakashi had his students train. Showing them how to focus
    their chakra, he directed them to climb trees with only their feet.
    Sakura quickly mastered it while Sasuke and Naruto had problems. The
    two boys constantly trained in their desire to one-up the other and
    soon mastered it. While resting Naruto was approached by an unmasked
    Haku, the mysterious boy from earlier. Haku asked Naruto why he trained
    so hard and if he had any precious people in his life. He explained it
    was the desire to help these people which drove one to become stronger.
    Haku took his leave and he and his boss soon moved to strike Tazuna

    Because Naruto was so tired he was left at Tazuna's house, when he
    awoke he rushed to join his comrades. When Gatou's men moved to kidnap
    Inari's mother, Naruto returned after he realized what was going on.
    Appearing at the last instant he saved both Inari and his mother, and
    Inari was inspired to then do what he could to help. He rushrf out and
    tried to rally the frightened villagers to finally rise up against
    Gatou. Back at the bridge Naruto's team began to battle Zabuza and
    Haku, and Sasuke fight Haku one on one, becoming trapped in his deadly
    mirror prison. Naruto soon arrived and unfortunately chose to save
    Sasuke inside the prison rather than destroy it from without. The two
    men attempted to stop the quickly moving Haku as he passed from mirror
    to mirror throwing kunai. Sasuke began to get the feel of Haku's
    movements and in a surprise move, jumped in front of a fallen Naruto
    when Haku moved in for the kill.

    Sasuke was pierced with needles and Naruto could not grasp why the
    young man sacrificed himself for the one he always insulted. With
    emotions raging inside Naruto, the seal holding the Kyuubi back began
    to weaken, pouring forth from within him. This powerful red chakra
    turned Naruto feral, growing out his teeth and nails and making his
    hair go shaggy. With his new found power and speed he quickly captured
    the moving Haku and laid a powerful strike into his face, knocking him
    outside the mirror prison, destroying it. Naruto then charged to kill
    Haku but stopped as the young man's mask fell away, revealing the youth
    Naruto had spoken with earlier. With his sanity regained Naruto
    demanded to know why he was helping Zabuza, and Haku explained how he
    had come from a wiped out bloodline. Naruto could not understand how he
    could have been twisted by following a precious person so steadfastly.
    Seeing his usefulness to Zabuza at an end he asked Naruto to kill him.
    Naruto moved to do so but Haku quickly realized Zabuza was in trouble,
    he rushed to his aid and sacrificed himself. Zabuza was soon beat by
    Kakashi and Gatou arrived with mercenaries to finish them off. Zabuza
    managed to kill Gatou in one last act of redemption, and when the
    mercenaries moved to kill the rest of them, Inari arrived with help
    from the villagers, who had finally rallied to his cause. The
    mercenaries fled and Naruto went back to his team. He then soon
    discovered that Sasuke wasn't dead after all, Haku felt some measure of
    compassion and didn't go for the killing blow.

    Looking back at the fallen Haku and Zabuza, it began to snow.
    Naruto began to cry, explaining how Haku had come from a snowy village
    and had found a precious person in Zabuza. Team 7 then buried Zabuza
    and Haku. Naruto promised to be a different type of ninja who didn't
    bury his emotions. He would use his drive to protect his precious
    people to get stronger. They finally took their leave from the Wave
    Country and Tazuna finished his bridge, which he named the Great Naruto
    Bridge in honor of the young man who helped inspire Inari and in turn
    them to finally stick up for themselves.


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    Team 7 would return to Konoha and undertake even more mundane
    missions. However it was soon time for the Chuunin Exam. Kakashi had
    been impressed enough that he chose to enter his team into the exam, an
    unheard of move for a rookie team. Two other rookie teams were also
    entered, Teams 8 and 10. Naruto was eager to prove himself and the
    squad headed to the Academy for the first test. Before they could enter
    the classroom they saw two older Genin blocking the entrance, really
    Chuunin Examiners in disguise. They noted that it wasn't actually the
    real classroom, it was Genjutsu. They also met another team, lead by
    the previous year's number one rookie Hyuuga Neji. Neji ignored Naruto
    and instead focused on Sasuke, much to his anger. When Neji's teammate
    Rock Lee later challenged Sasuke, a jealous moved to attack him first.
    Lee easily swatted Naruto away and battled Sasuke. Lee's sensei Gai
    showed up and chastised him. The team then went to take the first test.

    When they made it to the exam room an excited and boastful Naruto
    yelled his arrival to the other gathered Genin. His fellow rookie Genin
    tried to quiet him and another elder Genin named Yakushi Kabuto came to
    warn him to be careful. Kabuto explained how the test worked and
    provided data on other test takers. Naruto and his team then sat down
    for the first test. The first test was a written exam demanding the
    ninja have a wide variety of knowledge and practical experience as a
    ninja. The point of the test was to make the Genin realize they had to
    cheat to proceed. Unfortunately Naruto failed to realize this and began
    to panic. When fellow rookie Genin Hyuuga Hinata offered Naruto the
    chance to cheat off her, he considered taking her offer. He did not
    know whether to trust her though. Naruto didn't realize that Hinata had
    long had a huge crush on him. Naruto reaffirmed himself though, stating
    that an awesome ninja like him didn't need to cheat.

    With time run out and none of his nine questions answered, Naruto
    had to rely on answering the final question. Examiner Morino Ibiki
    offered the remaining Genin a stark choice, if you answer the question
    correctly you'll proceed, if you do not you can never take the Chuunin
    test again. Quitting now allowed one to take the test again in the
    future. Many Genin decided to leave then and Naruto appeared to
    consider the matter raising his hand. Sakura thought it would be best
    to have their team withdraw to fight another day but Naruto screamed
    out that he would never give up. Even if he had to remain a Genin
    forever he would never back down. To the confusion of the remaining
    Genin, Ibiki congratulated them on passing the first test. The will to
    go on and take that leap of faith showed their resolve to be courageous
    and make it through any hardship which a mission could throw at them.
    Naruto and his squad then moved to the second test.

    The next test took place over the next week and forced the squad
    to obtain another scroll from another team. Naruto was eager yet again
    to prove himself. As the team rushed into the exam area, Naruto excused
    himself to use the bathroom. In his place a Rain Genin impersonated him
    to take their scroll. By the time the Rain Genin was driven off, they
    were under watch by yet another ninja, a Grass ninja who soon separated
    the real Naruto from his squad with a huge wind gust. Naruto was then
    attacked by a gigantic snake, which soon swallowed him. Naruto was in a
    bad spot being slowly digested until he used Tajuu Kage Bunshin to
    explode the snake's stomach and escape. When he came back to his team,
    he found Sasuke in a fierce battle with the Grass Genin. When Sasuke
    reacted in fear to his opponent Naruto struck him for his cowardice. He
    then moved to fight the Grass ninja.

    When the Grass ninja and his summoned snake moved to get Sasuke,
    Naruto stopped it as his Kyuubi powers emerged. The Grass ninja quickly
    realized who Naruto was. Naruto asked Sasuke what kind of scaredy-cat
    he was. Before he could do more, the Grass ninja struck, putting
    another seal over his Kyuubi seal, disrupting his ability to access
    that power. The Grass ninja was revealed to be Orochimaru, a Leaf
    village missing-nin. He had set his sites on Sasuke and the two did
    battle. Naruto remained unconscious and Sasuke was soon knocked
    unconscious too when Orochimaru put his curse seal on him.

    Naruto was taken care of by Sakura and he awoke a short time later
    to see the outcome of a battle between Sakura and other Leaf Genin
    against the Sound Genin. The team rested and began to worry about how
    to gather their needed scroll in the short time remaining. Naruto
    theorized they could open their scroll, going against the rules, and
    then fake their needed scroll. Before he could carry out his actions
    Kabuto arrived to warn them not too. With Kabuto's help they proceeded
    to the tower to try for another scroll.

    On the way they got caught in the Genjutsu of the Rain Genin who
    had attacked earlier in the test. They did battle and made use of
    Naruto's stamina to trick the Rain, knock them out and get their
    scroll. With the needed scroll they completed the test. At the central
    tower they met Iruka who congratulated them and talked about what it
    meant to be a Chuunin. The group then proceeded on and saw that their
    fellow rookies also made it. The Third Hokage explained the purpose of
    the test and stated since so many who passed, a preliminary tournament
    would be held. The Genin would be randomly paired against another, with
    the winner advancing. Sasuke spoke of how eager he was to test himself.
    And thinking over the strength shown by Naruto in the last test, he
    added that he couldn't wait to fight Naruto as well. Their compatriot
    Kabuto, really Orochimaru's spy, took his leave and he wished them luck.

    Naruto watched the battles and eagerly awaited his turn. It soon
    came when he was placed against Inuzuka Kiba and his dog Akamaru. Kiba
    remembered how poor Naruto was in the academy and began to launch his
    attacks against Naruto. Despite flooring Naruto with a beast mimicking
    style of Taijutsu that made Naruto bleed from the mouth, Naruto refused
    to stay down. Kiba then created a cloud of smoke and used the lack of
    sight along with Akamaru to keep the advantage to himself. However,
    Naruto once again stole the advantage back and used a combination of
    Kage Bunshin and Henge to fool Kiba and capture Akamaru. Insulted, Kiba
    fed Akamaru a pill that turned his fur red and increased his strength.
    The two then used a combination technique to make them both into
    feral-looking versions of Kiba that boasted enhanced speed and
    strength, double-teaming Naruto with a spinning drill attack. Kiba’s
    confidence only increased after the attack, causing him to taunt that
    he would be more likely to be Hokage before Naruto.

    However, Naruto’s determination caused him to stand again.
    Irritated, Kiba and Akamaru proceeded to shred him up even more,
    throwing more smoke bombs to prevent his escape. However, they halted
    their assault as Naruto masked himself as one of them. Kiba’s sense of
    smell proved superior, however, causing him to lash out at the fake.
    However, the hit figure changed into Akamaru. Instantly, Kiba slammed
    an even more savage hit into the other, who also slide away and
    transformed into Akamaru. The first Akamaru then transformed back into
    Naruto and attacked Kiba, now Akamaru was out of the match entirely
    thanks to Kiba. Kiba resumed his solo assault against Naruto; seeking
    revenge for making him hit his own dog. The tide of the match began to
    turn in his own favor but Naruto repeatedly threatened a new move which
    he could never complete.


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    Post by ARIFFX on Sat 18 Apr 2009, 8:42 pm

    Kiba would rush in to finish him off before he could start by
    slipping in for an attack on his blind side. However, Naruto’s
    nervousness caused him to lose control of his bodily functions
    inadvertently. Kiba was forced to stagger back due to the flatus, as it
    revolted his ultra-sensitive nose. Naruto then managed to do his move,
    a Taijutsu attack using Kage Bunshin. Inspired by Sasuke's own new
    move, he kicked Kiba into the air and then spun around and kicked him
    back into the ground. Naruto was victorious to everyone's surpise and
    he went to watch the remaining matches.

    When Hinata was matched against her cousin Neji, Naruto became
    angry at his words concerning losers, and their destiny to always
    remain such. Naruto inspired Hinata to not give up and fight back. Neji
    won the match but didn't give up on his "loser" talk. An annoyed Naruto
    gathered Hinata's blood on his fingers and made a promise to Neji, that
    he would kick his butt in the next test. He would get his chance, as he
    was paired against Neji in the third test. After the prelims Naruto was
    eager to train under Kakashi, but his sensei instead had him train
    under Ebisu, the "elite" ninja who had trained Konohamaru. Naruto
    didn't care for Ebisu, calling him a closet pervert. Ebisu managed to
    get through to Naruto and began to teach him how to walk on water.
    Before they could finish their lesson Ebisu moved to stop a spying
    pervert at the women's hot springs. The pervert was Jiraiya,
    Orochimaru's former teammate and one of the three Legendary Sannin.

    Jiraiya was the sensei of the Fourth Hokage, and saw a bit of
    himself and the Fourth in Naruto. Naruto demanded the pervy sage teach
    him in Ebisu's place. With the usage of his Sexy Technique, Naruto
    convinced the experienced ninja to train him. Jiraiya first set about
    removing the seal Orochimaru had placed on Naruto several weeks before.
    He then allowed Naruto to sign his toad contract, and be the next ninja
    to have a summoning contract with the toad family. Jiraiya began to
    teach Naruto how to draw upon the Kyuubi's chakra whenever needed,
    rather than just during times of heightened emotion.

    Jiraiya forced Naruto to learn to draw it out by pushing him off a
    cliff. When Naruto focused he found himself in an internalization of
    the Kyuubi prison. He met the Kyuubi face to face for the first time
    and demanded the fox give him chakra as rent. The Kyuubi was angered at
    his imprisonment but chose to humor Naruto, as Naruto's death would
    result in his own. From that point on Naruto could draw on the Kyuubi
    power when he needed a large amount of chakra. This power allowed him
    to summon the toad boss Gamabunta.

    After summoning Gamabunta, Naruto was taken to the hospital to
    recuperate. While there he met up with Shikamaru and learned that Gaara
    had come to finish off Rock Lee, who was also in the hospital.
    Shikamaru managed to bind Gaara with his shadow and Naruto struck
    Gaara, demanding to know why he was there. Gaara explained how a
    monster had been sealed himself him and Naruto quickly realized the two
    young men were the same. Gaara explained how his own father had
    overseen the process and then sought to kill him. Gaara's life had
    mirrored Naruto's own. He realized his existence was acknowledged and
    he had formed bonds that made him stronger, something Gaara didn't
    have. Gaara moved to attack but Gai arrived to send him away. Naruto
    then returned to his home and waited for the third test to start.
    Unfortunately he was so nervous he could barely sleep the night before

    He woke early to go to the Genin training area, where he had been
    taken the bell test. There Naruto met Hinata, and he explained how
    worried he was. He may appear strong but he always failed. Hinata told
    him that's not true. Even if he failed he never gave up, that's what
    true strength was. Naruto felt revived and thanked her. He then told
    her that though he once thought she was weird; he actually liked people
    like her. To the girl who had such a huge crush on him, the words
    stunned her. Naruto made it to the exam stadium and saw that Sasuke had
    yet to arrive. Naruto and Neji were up first for their match and Naruto
    reiterated his promise to make Neji change his views on "losers".

    Naruto formed numerous Kage Bunshin and began to launch an assault
    against Neji. Unfortunately Neji's superior Taijutsu managed to take
    out most of the clones. He then moved through the crowd of Naruto's to
    strike the one not attacking, he acted smug stating he knew the real
    one wouldn't attack, but that Naruto puffed away, and from among the
    crowd the real one jumped to strike. Unfortunately Neji used his Kaiten
    to blow the Narutos away from him, and then launched a Juuken attack
    against Naruto, closing off his tenketsu, the points in the body which
    maintained chakra flow.

    Naruto refused to stay down. He told Neji he failed to understand
    why he acted so high and mighty, so Neji explained to Naruto the Hyuuga
    history. Naruto said he didn't care for their sad past. He then began
    to draw on the Kyuubi power using Jiraiya's training. The Kyuubi power
    soon emerged and encased his body, greatly increasing his speed and
    power. Naruto then charged, telling Neji that if he didn't believe he
    could change his family's problems, then Naruto himself would when he
    became Hokage. The two men locked in combat and the area surrounding
    them exploded in dust as they exchanged blows.

    When the dust settled two craters marked the ground. Neji climbed
    out of one and Naruto lay still in the other. Neji limped over and
    gloated that a loser will always be such. Suddenly the ground beneath
    him cracked and Naruto rose to uppercut him in the chin, knocking him
    backwards to the ground. Naruto had left a clone in the crater while he
    himself had dug underground to surprise Neji. Naruto's belief in
    himself allowed him to change whatever "perceived" destiny given to
    him. A motionless Neji soon realized that. With his opponent down,
    Naruto was declared the victor. The crowd roared in congratulations and
    an embarrassed Naruto finally got the respect and admiration of Konoha.
    Naruto would return the waiting area and eagerly wait for Sasuke to
    show up. When he finally did, Naruto responded to Sasuke's earlier
    statement before the third test prelims, that he was eager to fight him

    He then watched as Sasuke battled Gaara in his match. Naruto and
    Shikamaru thought over their previous encounter with Gaara and rushed
    to warn Kakashi that Sasuke was in trouble. Kakashi then revealed that
    he had trained well with Sasuke, teaching him Chidori. Naruto watched
    as Sasuke managed to inflict damage on Gaara. Soon Naruto grew tired, a
    Genjutsu attack was being launched on the stadium, Sand and Sound's
    invasion of Leaf had begun.

    Naruto was soon awakened by Sakura, and she, Shikamaru and Naruto
    were ordered to chase Sasuke, who had went in pursuit of Gaara and his
    siblings. Lead after Sasuke by Kakashi's summoned dog Pakkun, the group
    realized they were being pursued by Sound ninja. These ninja had been
    ordered to eliminate Naruto. Shikamaru decided to hang back and stop
    them while Naruto and Sakura continued on. When they finally caught up
    to Sasuke they saw him weak from battling a partially Shukaku formed
    Gaara. Naruto didn't recognize Gaara but the sand encasing his body
    took the form of the Bijuu inside him. Gaara managed to pin Sakura to a
    tree with sand. The constriction of which threatened her life. Naruto
    looked on with determination and Gaara wondered why he didn't flee.
    Naruto stated he would protect his friends and went to summon
    Gamabunta; unfortunately he only managed his son Gamakichi.


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    Naruto saw Gaara's wild lonely eyes and thought of his own lonely
    past, but then thought of Iruka and his team, and the new bonds he had
    formed. Naruto formed Kage Bunshin and jumped to attack but he was
    swatted away. After attacking again he was still knocked down. Rising
    to his feet he felt a new drive welling inside him. That even if he
    lost his life, he would not lose this battle. He charged and managed to
    lay an explosive note into Gaara. Naruto thought back over his past,
    and he told Sasuke that he and Gaara were alike, but his precious
    friends made them different. Thinking back to his talk with Haku, he
    knew the drive to protect someone special made someone truly strong.
    Charging his chakra again he used Tajuu Kage Bunshin and the clones
    launched an all out pummeling assault against Gaara. When they went in
    for the kill Gaara's full Shukaku power emerged, creating a life-size
    sand incarnation of the demon.

    Sand soon began to well around Naruto as Gaara planned to crush
    him, out of chakra he thought back to his training with Jiraiya and
    tried to summon again, this time it worked and he brought forth
    Gamabunta. Gaara then made himself sleep and let Shukaku take over.
    Gamabunta was reluctant to help, but his son Gamakichi spoke highly of
    Naruto's recent actions so he changed his mind. The two gigantic
    creatures began to exchange attacks. Gamabunta stated they had to
    awaken Gaara and that he had to transform into a creature that would
    allow him to grasp a hold of the demon, thinking of the Kyuubi, Naruto
    and Gamabunta transformed into the beast and grabbed on to Shukaku.
    Naruto moved to awaken Gaara but was held back by sand. Naruto felt
    weak from using so much chakra. Focusing internally he asked the Kyuubi
    for help and the power welled.

    He charged and was once again held in place by sand, mere inches
    from Gaara. He struggled and head butted his opponent, awakening him.
    Shukaku crumbled and Gamabunta took his leave. The two men then fell
    back to the earth and landed in the trees. Looking intently at the
    other they launched to strike. Naruto's strength won out and he socked
    Gaara back to the ground below. As they lay on the ground Gaara watched
    as the exhausted Naruto began to crawl towards him with just his chin.
    A frightened Gaara worried that his existence would soon end, he warned
    him to come no further but Naruto kept on. Naruto then looked at him in
    tears, saying he understood the pain of being alone but that he would
    kill him if he hurt the people precious to him. Gaara realized that the
    drive to protect others made one like Naruto truly strong. Naruto said
    he had people who finally acknowledged his existence. Sasuke arrived
    and told Naruto Sakura was okay. Gaara's siblings then arrived and took
    him in retreat.

    Sakura thanked Sasuke for saving her, but he said it was Naruto,
    who had shown an unknown strength. Sasuke's growing annoyance at the
    strength of the supposed loser Naruto began to gnaw at him. In the
    following days Naruto recuperated and Konoha gathered for the Third
    Hokage's funeral, who had fall fallen in battle to Orochimaru. There
    Naruto talked with Iruka about the nature of death and life.


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    A few days later Jiraiya arrived and told Naruto they were going
    in search of Tsunade, one of his former teammates and fellow Legendary
    Sannin. They could use the time to further train and he would teach
    Naruto a technique which rivaled Sasuke's Chidori. An excited Naruto
    jumped at the chance to train under the pervy sage and the two men
    headed out. At this same time the group Akatsuki came in search of
    Naruto. They sought the Kyuubi demon within him. Part of the Akatsuki
    duo was Itachi, Sasuke's brother. Itachi and his partner Hoshigaki
    Kisame tracked down Naruto to a hotel. Sasuke arrived too looking for
    Itachi. Naruto had been left

    alone while Jiraiya had gone off with a
    woman. Naruto looked on in fear as the men planned to subdue him. When
    Kisame moved to cut off Naruto's limbs, Jiraiya arrived in the knick of
    time to save him. He drove the two ninja off and then sent Sasuke back
    to Konoha's hospital. The two men then continued on their journey.

    They traveled throughout the countryside and then stopped to rest.
    Naruto demanded to know when he would be trained and Jiraiya revealed
    the Rasengan, a destructive spiraling sphere of chakra developed by the
    Fourth Hokage. This highly ranked technique had multiple chakra
    manipulation steps which Naruto fought to figure out. The two men
    finally tracked down Tsunade and Jiraiya revealed his secret goal, to
    offer her the position of Fifth Hokage. Naruto couldn't believe that
    the position would be offered to drunken women who hid her true age.
    When she declined the job and stated that anyone who risked their life
    was a fool Naruto took it personally. Naruto was furious at her talk
    and demanded they fight. Going outside he charged but she easily cut
    off his protector and then swatted him away with a flick of a finger to
    the forehead. He stated that unlike her, it was his dream to be Hokage.

    Forming his incomplete version of Rasengan he charged, and she yet
    again easily avoided the attack. She chastised Jiraiya for teaching the
    jutsu to a foolish kid with dreams of becoming Hokage. Naruto was
    angered by her words and stated he could complete the jutsu in another
    couple days time. Tsunade stated she would give him the week, and if he
    completed it she would acknowledge his ability to become Hokage and
    give him the priceless necklace which belonged to her grandfather the
    First Hokage. What Naruto didn't know was that at the end of that week,
    Tsunade was expecting to meet with Orochimaru. For her former teammate
    had come seeking her healing abilities, to repair his arms which were
    damaged in battle with the Third. Over the following week Naruto would
    continue to practice his Rasengan training. Tsunade's attendant Shizune
    came and spoke with Naruto, telling him Tsunade's bad mood wasn't his

    Tsunade's younger brother and boyfriend shared the same dreams as
    Naruto and they had died hopelessly in battle in pursuit of those
    dreams. Naruto continued to practice to exhaustion. The week was
    finally up and Naruto was unable to totally complete his training. He
    was eager to show what he had learned though. Jiraiya soon arrived and
    they learned Tsunade had gone to meet with Orochimaru, in exchange for
    healing his arms he promised to resurrect her fallen brother and
    boyfriend. Thinking how much it would let them down, she chose to
    fight, striking out against Orochimaru and his spy Kabuto. Naruto and
    the others went to help, coming at the right moment to save Tsunade. It
    was then that Naruto reacted in surprise to Kabuto's presence.

    Tsunade charged to continue her assault and Naruto was confused
    about why she was fighting him, Jiraiya pointed out he was a spy and
    Naruto couldn't believe it. Kabuto insulted Naruto, telling him he was
    weak and relied on the monster inside him. He was so pitiful that he
    could easily kill him. Naruto was pissed and charged with Kage Bunshin,
    they were easily dispersed by Kabuto and Naruto was thrown aside.
    Orochimaru and Kabuto then summoned a giant snake and Jiraiya attempted
    and failed. He was weak from an earlier poisoning by Tsunade and only
    managed to call forth Gamakichi. Naruto then tried to summon Gamabunta
    but only managed to summon Gamatatsu, Gamakichi's brother. Jiraiya and
    Orochimaru began to battle and Naruto injured his leg in the melee.
    Kabuto continued his assault against Tsunade, using her fear of blood
    against her. When he went to strike her, Naruto moved to intercept the
    blow, taking the strike right to his forehead protector.

    He quickly formed Rasengan to Tsunade's surprise but Kabuto easily
    dodged the attack, cutting Naruto's leg muscles in the process. Kabuto
    then read off his data card on Naruto, stating he was nothing special.
    That if he wanted to be Hokage he should flee now, because he was about
    to die. Naruto stated he would not run away, standing wobbly in front
    of Tsunade he told her to remember the bet. Kabuto would strike him
    several times, severing his internal organs. Naruto would not stay down
    though, forming a Bunshin he watched intently as Kabuto charged with a
    kunai. Naruto stood his ground and lifted his hand, taking the kunai
    through the palm to grasp Kabuto and hold him in place. He then held
    his other hand out while the clone formed Rasengan in it and then sent
    it home, straight into Kabuto's chest. Kabuto was sent spiraling
    backwards, unfortunately his medical skills allowed him to avoid the
    brunt of the attack, but he was severely weakened from the blow.

    Tsunade could not believe what he had accomplished in such a short
    time. Naruto collapsed and his life began to fade, even the Kyuubi
    inside felt his end drawing near. Tsunade rushed to heal him. Looking
    up at her weakly he told her the necklace was now his, as he had won
    their bet. Tsunade looked at him with tears and placed the necklace
    around his neck. Naruto was soon escorted to safety with Shizune while
    Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru began their battle. Orochimaru and
    Kabuto were soon driven off and the Leaf ninja returned to the city to
    rest. Tsunade told them she would accept the position as Hokage and
    Naruto couldn't believe the old and crabby fool could do it. Tsunade
    grew agitated by his words and demanded he come outside, challenging
    him to yet another one finger battle Naruto charged. She flicked off
    his protector, but inside of flicking him away this time, she kissed
    his forehead, congratulating him on a job well done. She told him to
    grown into a good man and a good Hokage. The group then headed back to

    Naruto was eager for Tsunade to help heal Kakashi and Sasuke, who
    had both been damaged in battle with Itachi. When Sasuke awoke his
    feeling of inadequacy had grown huge. After being easily beaten by his
    brother and seeing Naruto's huge growth he challenged him to a fight.
    Naruto was eager to prove himself so the two young men headed for the
    hospital roof. Naruto expressed his excitement, as he was not the
    talentless ninja he once was. He told Sasuke to put on his headband but
    he retorted that Naruto could not scratch his forehead. Sasuke then
    yelled that they were not equals. An angry Naruto charged and Sasuke
    knocked him aside. Naruto used Tajuu Kage Bunshin and sent numerous
    clones in attack. Sasuke used his advanced Taijutsu to avoid their
    attacks, three clones managed to sneak in though and launch him into
    air for a Naruto Rendan. Sasuke avoided the kick in the air and
    launched a fireball towards the Naruto's below.

    Most poofed away but two remained, forming Rasengan. Sasuke formed
    Chidori and the two men rushed towards each other. Sakura yelled for
    them to stop and Kakashi appeared before the moves could connect,
    throwing the boys aside into nearby water towers. Sasuke's Chidori
    opened a large hole while Naruto's made a small one. Kakashi demanded
    to know what was going on and Sasuke retreated, feeling good about
    himself. He soon saw though that Naruto's Rasengan had ripped a
    gigantic hole in the backside of his water tower.

    His growing feelings of inadequacy would drive him into the hands
    of Orochimaru. Sasuke fled Konoha with Orochimaru's men and Naruto
    could not believe it. Tsunade had a Genin squad gathered under
    Shikamaru to go in pursuit. Sakura saw the team off and stated that
    only Naruto could bring Sasuke back. Naruto made her a promise, that he
    would return Sasuke no matter what. The team then headed out, with each
    team member eventually facing off against one of the Sound ninja one on
    one. Finally an enraged Naruto himself had caught up to Sound ninja
    Kimimaro who was carrying the casket holding Sasuke. Naruto demanded to
    know why Orochimaru wanted Sasuke and Kimimaro explained Sasuke was to
    be the next vessel to hold Orochimaru's spirit. Naruto yelled that he
    wouldn't let that happened and created a gigantic number of clones.

    The clones launched their attack but Kimimaro's superior Taijutsu
    and bone usage soon took out the large force. The casket carrying
    Sasuke soon burst, revealing a long haired Sasuke who had been granted
    further dark powers by Orochimaru. Naruto yelled for him, asking to
    know why he was doing this. Sasuke merely laughed and bounded away.
    Kimimaro moved to strike but Naruto was saved by Rock Lee. Lee told
    Naruto he could handle Kimimaro, Naruto then went off again in pursuit
    of Sasuke

    He caught up to Sasuke at the river which formed the border
    between the two countries. Two huge statutes marked the spot where two
    ninja, one the First Hokage, had done battle and ripped the landscape
    asunder. Naruto demanded to know why he left and Sasuke said he had his
    own path. Naruto jumped towards Sasuke stating the others had risked
    their lives for him and how he could disrespect them like that. Naruto
    knocked Sasuke down and pinned him to the ground. Slamming his fist
    into Sasuke's face he yelled that Orochimaru only wanted his body.
    Sasuke stated he didn't care. Naruto then firmly told him that if he
    didn't come willingly, he'd use force. Sasuke then lifted Naruto off
    his body and punched him into the water below. Surprised by his power,
    Naruto quickly moved to attack again. The two men exchanged blows and
    Sasuke stated his dreams were in the past. Naruto demanded to know if
    their time as a team meant nothing. Sasuke stated no, he now considered
    Naruto his closest friend. Unfortunately Naruto did not know that to
    attain another level of Sharingan, one had to supposedly kill their
    closest friend. The two men exchanged attacks over the face of the
    statues, and Sasuke warned that he would kill him. Naruto stated he
    would have to beat sense into him and formed Rasengan. Sasuke then
    formed Chidori and charged. The attacks connected and the two young men
    were thrown backwards. Naruto lay in the water and thought over how
    Sasuke could be acting this way.

    The two men began exchanging attacks again and Naruto thought back
    over how he felt they were similar while growing up, both loners.
    Sasuke would never speak to him though and simply excelled at
    everything. He grew to see him as a rival and secretly wanted to be
    like him. When Sasuke stated that he wanted to fight him too, he felt
    acknowledged by him for the first time. But even now he simply doesn't
    understand. Sasuke then picked up the motionless Naruto and lifted him
    high, forming Chidori. Naruto simply looked on, turning feral with
    Kyuubi power.

    The Chidori struck home, right into Naruto's chest. Looking on
    Naruto reiterated his promise to stop Sasuke. Sasuke had pierced
    Naruto's lung and arm making it impossible to move his arm. He moved to
    choke Naruto but he jerked back, as the Kyuubi power rushed through
    him. He watched on in shock as the red chakra flowed through Naruto's
    body and healed the gaping wound. A furious Naruto looked on, stating
    he would bring him back to Konoha, even if he had to break his bones to
    do it. Sasuke demanded to know what Naruto was and he responded a
    friend. Using his new speed and power he swatted Sasuke away, avoiding
    and deflecting his attacks. Pinning Sasuke to the rock face Sasuke
    stated Naruto had no bonds growing up, so he didn't know what it was
    like to lose them. Naruto stated that's true, but when he's around
    Sasuke it's like he has a brother. Sasuke was one of his first bonds,
    and he would do everything in his power not to lose it.

    Sasuke then put on his forehead protector, finally acknowledging
    Naruto's strength for the first time, but he added, Naruto still
    couldn't scratch his headband. Using his new Sharingan abilities Sasuke
    managed to take control of the fight and knock Naruto into the water
    again. As he lay there the Kyuubi spoke out, calling him weak, that
    Naruto should thank the Fourth for allowing Naruto to access his power.
    Suddenly a new surge of power flowed through the even more feral
    Naruto, encasing him in a red fox-like chakra. Sasuke finally
    understood Naruto's special power and moved to defend himself

    Naruto came at blinding speed, extending the fox chakra out of his
    body to attack, allowing him to avoid the Sharingan's predictive
    capabilities. Using the chakra as a hand he slammed into Sasuke and
    then threw him into the cliff face. Sasuke then revealed the true
    extent of his curse seal gift from Orochimaru, turning dark and growing
    large wings. The two men exchanged attacks and Naruto severely injured
    his left arm. Looking at the other from opposite sides of the river
    bank, Sasuke formed a dark Chidori and Naruto a Kyuubi-chakra infused
    Rasengan. The two men then launched themselves at the other.

    A huge orb of destruction formed as the attacks drew near. Neither
    man could force themselves to go for the killing blow though. Naruto
    moved to instead scratch Sasuke's protector, proving Sasuke wrong,
    while Sasuke himself moved to draw back his fingers into a fist,
    punching Naruto instead. When the dust settled both men were back to
    normal and Naruto lay unconscious on the ground with Sasuke over him.
    Sasuke's forehead protector slipped off and he took one last look at
    Naruto and then left to join Orochimaru. Kakashi soon arrived, too late
    to stop the battle.

    Kakashi carried Naruto back to Konoha. Naruto awoke on the way and
    wished for the safety of his fellow teammates. Naruto rested and
    recuperated at the hospital. He was glad that his fellow teammates were
    okay, but afraid to face Sakura. When she came to his room he
    apologized for failing, and that he wouldn't give up. She stated that
    was okay, next time they would do it together. Soon Jiraiya arrived and
    he stated he would take on Naruto as his apprentice. That they had
    three years until Orochimaru would take over Sasuke. He recommended
    Naruto give up on Sasuke, as only a fool would keep on trying to get
    him back. He stated he once chased after Orochimaru for similar reasons
    and failed. Naruto stated he'd be a fool then, but he'd get stronger
    and be powerful enough to stop Orochimaru and Akatsuki. After leaving
    the hospital Naruto met up with Iruka for one more Ichiraku meal. With
    his stuff in tow, he headed off with Jiraiya. He would travel the world
    and train, and grow strong enough to stop Akatsuki and bring back
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    ARIFFX wrote:thread under construction..

    nak upload banyak bnda lg nih..

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    LuvHoneY wrote:bila nk abis naruto nieh... lalala

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